Tuesday, February 26

Too Smart for Homeshooling?
Dale Meador skewers Marilyn vos Savant far more accurately than I could. But I share his sentiment.
Lawmaker Wants Feds to Take Over Corporate Audits
Why stop with federal auditing? Why not a Federal Bureau of Sales - the public shouldn't be forced to rely on those private-sector salesmen, should they? What about a National HealthCare Co? (Oh wait - we already tried that, right?) The sheer idiocy of this proposal simply defies my ability to express the appropriate level of disgust. Shoot, why not just nationalize the whole economy and let the Feds run it?

Dennis Kucinich may be beloved by the mouth-breathers of his district, but he is either a moron or a megalomaniac and either way, he is a danger to himself and the rest of society. He needs to be put on a boat to Cuba where he can live out his days in a workers paradise.

Monday, February 25

Do You Own Yourself? Or does the state?

Friday, February 22

You gotta love this. Scottie Pippen, currently of Portland Trail Blazers fame, was paid $131,575 over the last five years by the federal government.

And how did he come to be on the government payroll?

Farm subsidy.

Great work if you can get it, huh?

Wednesday, February 20

How To Tell An Indian Elephant From An African Elephant I'd always wondered about this.

Monday, February 18

It's a crime to sell anything in pounds & ounces in England. Oh, and the English people had no say in that decision. But I am as certain as I can be that they will continue to bend over and spread 'em for the bureaucrats in Belgium. And they'll do it right up until the two hours before the Kingdom completely collapses.

What is it about the Brits that makes them so passive in the face of tyranny? This isa a nation of old-women and pussies. They deserve to have lost the empire because they no longer have the balls necessary to rule. And the whole world is worse off for their faliure of nerve.

Friday, February 15

We'll give him a fair trial and then hang him. Ole' Slobo's story sounds like something out of To Kill a Mockingbird. And he gets to play the part of the black man.

Tuesday, February 12

Your Friend Global Warming We cannot predict what way the earth’s climate will go, and in such a situation of uncertainty, it is always best to do what is a good idea anyway. Allowing economic growth that enables people to prosper and escape grinding poverty in the third-world is a good idea. Crippling the economies of the world with knee-jerk bureaucratic schemes like the Kyoto treaty is a bad idea.

Monday, February 11

Old Saws Still Cut

Government is doomed. It may take another 150 years, but government is doomed.

Wednesday, February 6

Why do some people change the world while most are content to maintain the momentum of mediocrity? That's the $64k question.
This story about Nazis and homosexuality leads me to ponder the future of England and America as well. God's law is clearly violated by the practice of homosexuality, but very few cultures in history have dared make it morally equivalent to marriage as the "Great Democracies" have done.

I no longer believe God will judge us because of homosexuality. Rather, wide-spread homosexuality is His judgment, or at least part of it.

Tuesday, February 5

"...so many children will lose their mothers because of this".

Note the delicious irony of that sentence - a woman comments on the media bias against reporting the link between breast cancer and abortions. This looks like a class-action lawsuit waiting to happen.