Thursday, October 10

Many women today dress like prostitutes. They look like they are advertising for sex, and in fact, they are. Men want easy sex, and women act as if that is what they want to offer. They give the sex away very cheaply and then wonder that their relationships are not fulfilling. Men want easy sex, sure, but we want much more than that. We want to be inspired to be our very best.

When women dress, act and live the part of the easy score, they do not inspire us to rise to our best, instead they appeal to our basest instincts. Such women confirm for us through the way they dress, the way they talk and the way they act that the world really is as cheap and worthless as our basest instincts imagine. But a woman who dresses, acts, talks and lives with graciousness, virtue, style and discretion sends a distinctly different message - a powerful message - to the men in her life.

Women of easy virtue require very little of a man besides appetite. Women of style and discretion who will maintain those standards regardless of external pressure say to a man that there is more to the world than sheer appetite. Such a woman inspires us to be our very best.

London is full of single women who look and act like sluts. Is it any wonder then that men act like cads? Men and women share a strong desire to please the opposite sex - and the sex drive is particularly strong in men. When a women advertises her easy availability, she appeals to our strongest appetite and makes it very easy for us to live out of our lowest nature.

Do not fill a man's vision with nothing but sexual images if you want the very best from him.

Isn't it ironic that the women's movement has coincided with the rise of easy virtue? Women now behave like they have the sexual drive and standards of an adolescent male - they have become the sexual fantasy of every hormone-crazed 15-year-old boy in the western world. But underneath that raw appetite for sex, what men really want - even more than we want easy sex - is a woman who will help us rise above mere hunger to be the best we can be.

Dressing like a slut leaves little mystery, yet the best in a man wants a woman who is a mystery. You can be sensual and alluring without being slutty, can't you? If you cannot manage that, then at least be as feminine as you can. If you cannot manage even that, then do not complain when men respond to you with nothing but heightened sexuality and decreased respect.

Friday, October 4

Researching ways to make our company more productive. We have a formal methodology for conducting projects, but the methodology tools are spread out over hundreds of documents of various kinds. Since this is all proprietary information, we do not want to distribute it to our associates in a format that can easily "walk off", so CDs are out. Adding to the complexity is the fact that the various documents are in a constant state of lux, and most assoicates travel so connecting to a central server many times occurs over a dial-up line. Then there is the problem of getting our associates to actually use the methodology tools. So the problems I have to solve are:

- secure distribution
- on-line/offline clients
- data synchronization
- usability

I have a lead on a solution, and I am doing a good bit of research the last couple of days. But I am also largely working in the dark. The whole methodology "world" here at the company is largely unknown to me, and I worry that I am either re-inventing the wheel or heading off in a direction that has already been rejected.


Such are the travails of the knowledge worker who finds himself between jobs. I should probably brush up my resume and start shopping for another job since I don't need one right now. The state of the economy certainly tends to make me want to be conservative, but the realities of this work culture are that the best time to find a new job is when you don't need one.

Thursday, October 3

Last night I was reading John Piper's Legacy of Sovereign Joy and ran across this thought from Augustine, (not a direct quote, btw - I'm doing this from memory): Most people are not only failing to delight themselves in God, they even fail to delight themselves in their own sins. They not only are passionless about God, they are passionless about everything. Augustine seemed to teach that the life of the elect should be dominated by a consuming passion for God Himself, and this makes sense to me. This thought occurred to me while reading: Though there are many prayers I could pray that God may or may not answer affirmatively, yet this prayer I know He will delight to answer affirmatively:

"Make me satisfied with you alone, Oh Lord".
I hate doing my jam writing on the computer. The keyboard is loud - clacky, even - and the physical feedback of typing is not nearly as sensual and satisfying as the feedback from writing. I'm probably one of those people who will actually get excited about natural handwriting-recognition technology if it ever gets good enough to read my writing. I love the feel of ink pen on paper.
This morning I was reading in Leviticus about the various rules for offerings and sacrifices and I came across this idea: If you were a leader in the community of the people and you committed a sin, either a priest or an elder, then you were required to bring a male animal for sacrifice. If you were a "common person", which I take to mean someone who does not hold either of the previously mentioned positions of leadership, then you were required to bring a female animal as a sin offering. Seems to me that the difference has to do with fruitfulness - a female can give birth to comparatively far fewer offspring than a male can sire. The requirement to offer a male animal may speak to "epidemic" effect of sin in the leadership. Just as a male can impregnate an almost unlimited number of females with his sperm, so a leader can "impregnate" an almost unlimited number of those "under him" with the effects if his sin.

I wonder if this is evidence of the reality of representation in a covenantal relationship. We moderns don't have a clue about such things, and in fact take great offence at the thought of (a) being held culpable in the "sins" of another and (b) causing our own guilt to be imputed to those under our authority. It strikes at the root of our independence and self-sufficiency.

I'd love to get some feedback on this thought.

Tuesday, October 1

OK, the paper is posted, little feedback one way or another. Big surprise. < yawn > I do find that the more I write, the more I enjoy it. I spent the last 9 months in England journaling nearly every day and it has become a most pleasurable habit. The biggest problem is that I really enjoy the physical act of writing - the whole "pen on paper" thing is a sensual, physically gratifying experience. Using keyboard and computer provides far less immediate feedback. Sure, it looks better, and it is a ton easier to edit, but it is a mediated experience wheras using my own pen on a nice sheet of paper is a direct experience. I guess I like the artistry of writing as much as the craft writing.