Thursday, October 10

Many women today dress like prostitutes. They look like they are advertising for sex, and in fact, they are. Men want easy sex, and women act as if that is what they want to offer. They give the sex away very cheaply and then wonder that their relationships are not fulfilling. Men want easy sex, sure, but we want much more than that. We want to be inspired to be our very best.

When women dress, act and live the part of the easy score, they do not inspire us to rise to our best, instead they appeal to our basest instincts. Such women confirm for us through the way they dress, the way they talk and the way they act that the world really is as cheap and worthless as our basest instincts imagine. But a woman who dresses, acts, talks and lives with graciousness, virtue, style and discretion sends a distinctly different message - a powerful message - to the men in her life.

Women of easy virtue require very little of a man besides appetite. Women of style and discretion who will maintain those standards regardless of external pressure say to a man that there is more to the world than sheer appetite. Such a woman inspires us to be our very best.

London is full of single women who look and act like sluts. Is it any wonder then that men act like cads? Men and women share a strong desire to please the opposite sex - and the sex drive is particularly strong in men. When a women advertises her easy availability, she appeals to our strongest appetite and makes it very easy for us to live out of our lowest nature.

Do not fill a man's vision with nothing but sexual images if you want the very best from him.

Isn't it ironic that the women's movement has coincided with the rise of easy virtue? Women now behave like they have the sexual drive and standards of an adolescent male - they have become the sexual fantasy of every hormone-crazed 15-year-old boy in the western world. But underneath that raw appetite for sex, what men really want - even more than we want easy sex - is a woman who will help us rise above mere hunger to be the best we can be.

Dressing like a slut leaves little mystery, yet the best in a man wants a woman who is a mystery. You can be sensual and alluring without being slutty, can't you? If you cannot manage that, then at least be as feminine as you can. If you cannot manage even that, then do not complain when men respond to you with nothing but heightened sexuality and decreased respect.

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