Monday, February 10

Had a terrific day yesterday. Chris & Bryanne came up for lunch, Audrey brought a friend (Kat) from school, and Patrick was with us of course. There were 9 people around my dinner table - and that is good. Kat is delightful person - English Lit major who is getting into real meat. Currently into Milton and loving it. Bryanne asked Karen how she could improve her vocabulary and grammar usage. That girl is so motivated it blows me away. I see why Chris likes her. Chris told me about a new project he is working on, and agreed to let me help him plan it and bid it. Tyler and Ellyn were their usual hysterical and charming selves, and Patrick was able to regale us as he bantered with Kat about Jansenism, whatever that is. All in all, it was a terrific Sunday lunch.

We had a Sunday Night Praise meeting at Billy & Anita's house, and it was the best one by far. This little church is learrning how to love one another. Afterward's I came home and made my Red Bean Soup, which we'll have for dinner tonight. In fact, it is time fior me to head in that direction - I'm bushed.

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