Thursday, September 2

Cranky About the War on Terror

When we went to war against Hitler and the Axis powers in 1941, what were fighting for? "Our freedom" seems to be a pretty good answer. Hitler had armies and - at one point - had used them to occupy and subjugate all of Europe. Hirohito had armies and had used them to occupy and subjugate most of Southeast Asia. If either of these two powers remained unchecked, it was quite clear that we were in danger of being occupied and subjugated. In other words, the Axis were a threat to America and to the freedoms we enjoyed as Americans

What terrorist army is threatening to occupy and subjugate America? I know that they could have suitcase bombs - and that is certainly a horrible thought. But I have a question - what if they do? What if they unleash a nuclear bomb on New York? Will we all suddenly decide to become Muslims? Will we bow in abject humiliation and obey our new masters from Saudi Arabia and Egypt and Syria? Will armies of mujahadin lead by mad mullahs suddenly materialize in Phoenix and Los Angeles Atlanta and Nashville, Chicago and Dallas to force our compliance with Islamic law?

Not in a million years.

Terrorists are no threat to America - they are a threat to Americans. They threaten us individually, not corporately. They are mere criminals. Terrorists have no Army they can use to occupy their "conquered" lands. They have no Navy they can use to enforce an embargo of our ports. They have no Air Force they can use to conduct high-level bombing raids on strategic targets. They are nothing more than a small group of well-financed criminals with the capability of doing a lot of damage but NO CHANCE of denying us our freedoms as Americans. The only entity in the world with enough power to deny American citizens their basic rights is the American government.

And that is exactly what is happening to us; happening in the name of protecting us from the terrorists.

Star Chambers
Suspension of the Writ of Habeus Corpus
Virtually unlimited police powers granted the federal police
Destruction of the dollar by the quasi-governmental Federal Reserve
Budget deficits that have saddled our children with unpayable debts
Out-of-control taxation
Out-of-control debt
Out-of-control government growth

If this is the price of Freedom, what in the world would slavery look like? And who would inflict it upon us?

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