Wednesday, February 11

Congress Does What Jesus Can't

This is not original with me. I heard it from Guy Adami on Fast Money yesterday.

We all pretty much understand how much a million dollars is, and I guess we could all figure out how to spend a million dollars, right?

But does anyone really understand how much a trillion dollars is? Here's a little illustration.

If Jesus started spending a million dollars on the day he was born a little over two thousand years ago, and if he spent a million dollars a day, every single day since then, right up until today...

...He still wouldn't have spent a trillion dollars.

It'll be almost another thousand years before he is able to spend a trillion dollars, even at the rate of a million dollars a day.

But Congress is gonna spend a trillion dollars (that they don't have), to bail out the banks that lost trillions.

Makes you feel all warm inside, doesn't it?
Call your idiot Congressman and tell him that giving money to the same idiot bankers who got us into this mess is not a real good idea. Here's the links to find their contact information:

House of Representatives

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