Saturday, July 25

Weekly Update 25 July 2009

The news this weeks is misnamed mostly because - as the writer of Ecclesiastes said - there is nothing new under the sun. As the Government/Wall Street/Mainstream Media cartel go into full-on propaganda mode to tell us how everything is just peachy, we can continue to give thanks that Al Gore invented the internet, thus allowing us to bypass the "official" news and get our information straight and undiluted. I doubt that was really what Al had in mind.

According to the cartel, since things are getting worse slower than they were getting worse last year, things are officially getting better. Never mind that the jobless rate is climbing, debt is officially out of control, and the administration is determined to take on even more debt (healthcare) and hobble the economy even more (cap and trade). Never mind that by every meaningful measure, the economy is down in the basement and still digging. If you haven't read Alice in Wonderland, don't sweat it. Lewis Carroll never imagined anything as surreal as the reality we are living every single day.

Obama, (or as my friend Patrick calls him "Teleprompter Jesus"), apparently intends to be the new FDR, and he is following the script to perfection. The Great Depression was only "the depression" till FDR took over. His radical power grabs made the economy worse, (look it up for yourself), although in fairness he did get a lot of concrete poured and pecan trees planted. FDR's economy made no appreciable recovery throughout the 30s, so I guess we can prepare for three things - the economy will continue to suck, we'll be looking for another way - preferably a big one - and Obama will be sanctified if not outright deified by the same geniuses in the main stream media who used to NOT be bought and paid for by Wall Street.

Yeah, it's been that kind of week.

The news that interested me this week:

Schumer wants to curb traders' flash orders
What It Is: Senator Chuck Schumer is saying the right things about putting an end to "High Frequency Trading", a euphemism for the blatant market manipulation which Goldman Sachs & company have been engaging in for the last several years.
What It Means: As I have reported previously, Goldman Sachs is the biggest, most powerful, most corrupt and most corrupting influence in the US today. (The other big banks are complicit as well, but Goldman is by far the worst.) If Schumer has his way, Goldman will have to compete on an even playing field with the rest of the investors in the market.
Why It Matters: Though I doubt Goldman will allow Congress to stop this practice, and I am certain the SEC will do nothing to stop it, Schumer is at least shining a light on a very dirty practice that is robbing ordinary investors and is amplifying every move in the market, making rises and falls more violent and damaging.
What It Means To You: If you lost money in last year's market plunge, blame Goldman for the speed and violence of it all. If you know anyone who works for Goldman, you should shame them publicly. Seriously, outside of radical Islam, this bank is the most morally corrosive force in the world today.

End Note: I do not expect Congress to do anything about this because Congress and the Administration are bought and paid for by Wall Street. Believe me, Congress knows where the money that keeps them in power is coming from. So I no longer believe in lobbying Congress. They will not listen and the administration is a joke.

But I do believe it is time for you to bone up on your American history, specifically to read the list of reasons the colonies initially declared independence from the Mother Country. When neither the law nor morality matters to those in positions of power, it is time for us to say "no more". If I were you, I would learn what "non-violent civil disobedience" means. I'd start learning about Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi and what action they took when they decided that the status quo had to be challenged.

Our government is no longer moral by any stretch of the definition of morality. Wall Street - specifically Goldman - is a den of thieves, Washington is their hand-puppet and the Main Stream Media their p.r. firm. Don't depend on those in power to relinquish their power. We - the people, by whose consent they govern - must cease to give our consent. That doesn't merely mean "vote 'em out of office." It means coming to the point where we declare with our actions that liberty is more precious than life.

Yeah, it's that serious.

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