Wednesday, September 2

A Private Swiss Bank Is Pulling Out of America

This is a long read, but worthwhile. Wegelin & Co is a private Swiss bank founded in 1754. It is divesting itself of all American securities and will no longer act as an intermediary for clients who wish to own American securities through them.

What Does It Mean: The IRS is making it ever more difficult and complex for foreigners to invest in America. The IRS is trying to increase tax revenues, but the effect of these new policies will be a decrease in foreign investment in America. Wegelin & Co estimates the US will need an additional $2 Trillion in tax revenues to make up for the losses from foreign investors.

This is a terrific paper with a lot of very good information. It is well worth your time to read.

One of the most damning quotes comes in  the first few paragraphs. Remember, this is a Swiss bank's view of America:
...let us briefly recall the sort of tax authorities we are dealing with, and the sort of state they serve: a country that, over the last 60 years, has unquestionably been one of the most aggressive nations in the world. The USA has fought by far the largest number of wars, sometimes with, but mostly without a UN mandate. It has broken the international laws of war, maintained secret prisons, and fought an absurd war against drugs, with serious consequences both abroad (Columbia, Afghanistan) and at home (according to reliable sources, the tentacles of the narcotics mafia now reach well into political circles). With breathtaking moral duplicity, the USA maintains enormous offshore havens in Florida, Delaware and others of its states. The moralizers have joined sides with a nation that still makes extensive use of the death penalty, and that has a legal system under which lawyers can get rich on the misfortunes of their clients. Liability cases often end in verdicts with exorbitant damages, which makes business activity extremely risky, for medium-sized enterprises in particular. The moralizers provide intellectual support for a country that allows its infrastructure to collapse, and then stuffs convicts into hopelessly overfilled jails, after what are not infrequently dubious proceedings. They fund a nation that tolerates – or rather, causes – regular crises in the global financial system that it manages. A country whose underclass enjoys neither the benefits of an adequate education, nor a halfway functional health care system; a country whose economic system is increasingly inclined to over consumption, and in which saving and investing have increasingly become alien concepts, a situation that has undoubtedly been one of the driving forces behind the current recession, with all its catastrophic consequences for the whole world.
What Can You Do: The Declaration of Independence declares that "government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed." Once we - the people of these united States - cease to consent to this government, it will cease to possess any just powers, and will in fact be nothing more than a criminal organization, exactly like the mafia. What we can do is cease to consent to this government.

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