Thursday, October 15

What Happened to Global Warming?

That bastion of reactionary, luddite, head-in-the-sand hyperconservatism - the British Broadcasting Company, (yes, I am attempting to be sarcastic) - wants to know what happened to Global Warming.  Good story and worth your time.

Have you noticed that the Do-Gooders who always worry about things that cannot be changed have switched the object of their worry to Climate Change and away from Global Warming? Back in the mid 70s, the same nincompoops were up in arms about the coming New Ice Age but they had to change their tune in the late 80s because the Ice Age they predicted with such confident certainty was manifestly failing to... well, manifest.

That's when they changed to worrying about Global Warming.

I suppose after another 20 years of the Climate not Changing, they'll worry about The Sky Falling, or something equally unlikely and unpreventable. These people would be objects of pity and derision if they didn't wield so much power to harm the rest of us with their baseless schemes.

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