Monday, March 25

A Christian response to Global Warming? - A story out of Science Magazine tells us of evidence that global warming is a natural phenomena, not a man-made one.

If this is true, (and the evidence against man-made global warming is overwhelming), then how should we think about this whole global warming gig?

Like many issues, the answers are simple, though not necessarily easy.

1. Examine the scientific evidence. Determine for yourself if global warming is something caused by man. The vast weight of the evidence contradicts the thesis, everything from the article quoted here, to the impossible physics of the thesis, to the failure of the computer models.

2. Examine the political evidence. Who stands to gain as a result of perpetrating lies about global warming? It appears to me that the same crowd that does not trust you with with your own guns, your own money or your own body also want to prohibit the use of hairspray and refrigerants.

3. Compare the beliefs of the global warming-niks with the Law of God. As best as I can tell, the people who tell me that I shouldn't have a refrigerator or a car because it's making the polar ice cap melt are lying about the evidence. That all by itself is not necessarily a violation of God's Law, but when they use those lies as a means of stealing my property, they are violating both the 8th and the 9th commandments. And make no mistake, regardless of whether or not man-made global warming is actually happening, the global-warming crowd want to deprive you of the use of your own property.

I suspect they also covet the fruits of western civilisation - better standard of living, more personal freedom and greater opportunity - and are too lazy to earn their own bread. If true, they also violate the 10th commandment. But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

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