Thursday, March 7

What's the deal with the Ten Commandments?

I've decided to start a new game with the family. In fact, we started today. I sent the kids out along the high street to take note of advertising billboards, magazines and posters for us to discuss this evening. The focus of the discussion will be - how does the message of this ad fit or not fit into a world governed by God's Law?

There is one particularly obnoxious ad by some italian clothing company whose name currently escapes me that features a couple in the last stages of complete undress prior to coitus. It manages to appeal to the prurient response of both hetero- and homo-sexuals.

Calvin Klein last week managed to place hideous graphic homo-erotic images on the back cover of the city's largest-circulation weekly entertainment guide.

Both companies are obstensibly selling underwear. But I think it is obvious that what they are selling is a worldview that embraces all forms of adult-consensual sex.

(For those of you in countries still graced with some sense of public modesty, consider yourselves blessed. In fact, as I think about it now, plain-ole' hetero-sexual pornography is practically a relief after the homo-erotic bombarment we suffer daily in London.)

So, the question for you my readers and my children this evening is this:

How do these images and the message they deliver either comply with or rebel against God's command?

There will be a test.

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