Wednesday, March 13

Those who planned and executed the destruction of the WTC are guilty of violating both the 5th and the 7th commandments. The 5th commandment prohibits murder - that violation is fairly obvious. The 7th prohibits stealing and is not so obvious. However, if theft is defined as the act of preventing an individual from the free use of his own proprty, then it is fairly easy to see that the bombers stole the free use of individual lives and property.

In the same vein, the USGovernment has engaged in a 10 year-long bombing campaign against Iraq that has resulted, directly or indirectly, in the deaths of 1.5 million Iraqi citizens. How is this action of the USGovernment different from that of Al Qaeda?

When God judges the terrorists who violated his commandments by destroying the WTC and murdering 3000 non-combatants, will He not also judge the terrorists who have violated His commandments by bombing Iraq and murdering 1.5 million non-combatants?

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